Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowy Day Projects

I woke up this morning to find that it had snowed again, on top of all the snow that we got last week. This is taken from the window over my bed. It's a very pretty snow, but I'm getting a bit of cabin fever!

To pass the time, I've been cutting scraps for more miniature scrap screens like this one. I'm thinking that I might make a scapbook or two as well. Unfortunately, I've run out of the unfinished screens that I used to use. Does anyone know a source for plain wooden (or even painted) screens?
Empty, clean tic-tac containers are great for storing scrap, especially since I have a tendancy to knock containers over! Most scraps fit through the small top opening, but the entire white top can be removed if necessary. There are enough pieces here for one screen, with a quite a few left over.


  1. Lovely screen:) Must have taken ages to do.

  2. Thanks Christel! I keep trying to figure out how many hours a screen takes, but it's such a piecemeal process I'm really not sure :)

  3. It's gorgeous ! I love the pictures you used. It must be difficult to manage to put together all these small pieces.

  4. Cutting everything out takes the longest, but sometimes I get going and don't even notice when my hands start to cramp! After that, a few hours of gluing feels pretty quick :)

  5. Hi Eliza, there are screens available from EuroMinies, like these: http://www.netshop.nl/shop/krikkep/contents/nl/d1616.html
    I'm sure these are sold in the US as well.

  6. Those look great Josje! Thank you for the link!