Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Details

My uncle built the original shell of my dollhouse. When it was refurbished about ten years ago, I realized for the first time how unusual my house was. It's similar to the Katherine, but was built from plans rather than a kit. So my floor plan is slightly different, and I have many more windows. There were several problems with using the opening windows which I wanted all over the house, but we were able to use one for the kitchen. I think all kitchens need an open window for little boys to steal the baking, don't you?
The fuzzy African Violet was made by my mom from a kit. The muffins were a joint effort.


  1. This is perfect. Every dollhouse should have some just baked items in a window. Love your rainy day screen too!

  2. It's a lovely photo. I could imagine what would happen if my dolls saw the muffins on the window...