Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't sneeze!

I posted this micro chateau I put together out of paper a while ago, and a few projects more recently but looking through some old photos, I found a few other tiny projects. These projects were not necessarily as challenging as the chateau, but they remain some of my smallest attempts!
This doll and toy soldier in a box were fun! The doll was made according to instructions on Frances Armstrong's site. Both these projects found homes in micro scenes later on.
These baskets are made of thread. They are slightly large for true 1/144th scale, but are quite effective in some settings where scale is not such an issue. As you can see, I got a bit carried away making these - I made about 30 in a few days at one point!
This was just thrown together, using miniatures that needed a home. The chair is an N scale (1:160) brass piece. The music stand is also painted brass.
On the chair is a 1/144th scale violin! It is made of styrene (plastic), paper, and various other materials. It took lots of experimenting to figure this one out! Though they cannot be seen in the pictures, there are even tiny black tuning pegs on the neck, as well as a black tail piece. The violin is about 1/8th of an inch long.


  1. Stunning ! Amazing ! Thank you for the link.

  2. I adore your chateau, it is amazing!!!!


  3. You are amazing, love the violin and turning pegs even!!!and a stand! The baskets are fabulous. They look great strung like that. I'm thrilled to be on your blog roll. The chateau just takes my breath away. The dolls too, we lost such a terrific micro miniaturist with Frances' passing, can't believe she isn't still on line.

  4. Your little chateau is amazing, I love it.
    I have an award for you on my blog.
    Mini hugs,

  5. Son impresionantes!! Tan chiquitos O =

  6. Hi Eliza, would it be okay if I used the toppicture of this post with a link of this post on my blog ? I would like to hear from you. Great blog by the way! Kind regards, Monique