Sunday, January 1, 2012

The First Miniature I Made, a Painted Shelf, and Crockery

 Happy New Year! I thought I'd share one of the very first miniatures I ever made today. This was a tissue box I made when I was about seven. It's made out of flat plastic beads which I glued together with a glue stick, since that was the only type of glue I had.
 These are my latest projects. I found the wooden shelf at Eileen Godfrey's, and am in the process of painting it. The crockery bowls are made from rolled paper. They won't be on this shelf permanently, but I had fun arranging them like this while they were all out on my worktable.


  1. Très belle année que je te souhaite fertiles en petites créations en papier!

  2. The shelf unit is great and the crockery bowls are fantastic! Wonderful work!

  3. Muy bonito.
    Feliz año para ti también