Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miniature Laquered Boxes

 I've always liked Russian lacquered boxes. I thought I'd try to make some in miniature. A circular box about 1 cm in diameter seemed a good size to start with.  The box on the right was my first attempt.  I had lots of trouble with this one. You can see that the finish isn't quite even, and I thought that it was a bit too tall. I tried to copy a Russian box which my mother owns for the picture on top. The painting on the first one also came out a bit dark. The traditional way to paint these is to gild the silhouette of the scene/figure first, and then paint over the top in thin layers. Since I was only trying to make these boxes look like their larger pieces, I just used a base coat of white paint to brighten the figure on the second box.
 I like the boxes best open. I'm going to have to try a few more of these. The basic box was easy enough to make from card stock, but I'm not happy with the simplicity of my paintings. I may try decoupage for the next set!


  1. It's perfect, well done. This is your first try at the box?

  2. Beautiful little boxes, love the red interior.

  3. Preciosas cajas,un trabajo perfecto.Besos, Angela

  4. Precious little boxes! Wonderful work!

  5. I think they are both just lovely. You've captured the vibe they have in real life, but also made them amazingly cute as they are so very very small. Insane painting skills!


  6. Son unas fantasticas cajitas, me encantan.
    besitos ascension

    1. They came out so incredible! I love Russian boxes too and yours look like the real thing!!!!

  7. These little boxes are perfect. I like.
    Bye Faby

  8. thats amazing job xx they looks just like real one :) I really like them :)