Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't Count Your Chickens

Last time I showed you Mom's Potato Seller. This cook plucking a chicken also sold at Sturbridge. She was one of my favorites!

I made the chicken. The feathers were all cut down from larger ones left over from my brother's fly-tying supplies.
I also wanted to show you my miniature chest. This was my graduation gift.  I've been keeping the finished miniatures I intended to sell in recycled boxes for the last year or so. It was a bit of a nightmare, to be honest. I really wanted something portable, preferably with drawers for easy access.After a bit of research, I found this machinist chest made by Windsor, which seemed like the perfect solution.

The top has a deep enough compartment for most furniture, and the front panel opens up show to eight smaller drawers, perfect for my readable books and other small things.
The drawers are lined with green felt, which helps keep things from shifting around.

Two of the small drawers came with removable dividers.

I was able to fit everything I brought to the show in the box, with quite a bit of room to spare. Coming back home, there was even more room... It's going to take a LOT of miniatures to fill this chest up!


  1. Hi Eliza,
    Your mothers dolls are wonderful!

  2. Not one bit surprised someone took Mrs. Chicken plucker home- she's beautiful.

  3. A gorgeous scene! Your mother's dolls are real characters and the pair of you work very well together. Congratulations for the new box. A very good purchase.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Fantastic scene!
    The new box is perfect to order the minis.
    Bye Faby

  5. Your cook is amazing! Love the feathers all strewn about! I got a very similar chest recently and put my tools in it! It would work great if I was a good girl and put my tools back when I was done lol. -ara

  6. Love that doll! What a nifty box. I seriously will love to own something like that . I currently keep my minis in recycled boxes as well and can never find where they are. LOL

  7. Wow, that is awesome. Great job with the chicken!

  8. That box looks like the perfect store/pick up a go piece.

    Your mother's dolls are truly amazing.

  9. Oh my!! I adore this chest. So perfect for the travelling miniaturist. What a fabulous gift.

  10. lovely dolls and the chest is just spectacular, what a beauty!