Sunday, June 10, 2012

Projects with Paper

I'm really not fond of making flowers. It's strange, because I usually like working with paper. But even the simplest plant kit seems to drag on forever! Looking around my dollhouse, I noticed that it really needed plants. I'm addicted to miniature porcelain, so I have tons of vases, but they're all empty!
I started with a camellia kit from SDK miniatures. Most of the flowers ended up in this pretty wooden vase, at least for the moment. I thought the vase was painted by Janet Reyburn, but when I looked at the bottom, I noticed that the intials were RW. Does anyone know who RW might be?
 Because I knew I was making cut flowers, rather than a plant, I saved some time only adding leaves to the top of the stem. The top of a glue bottle worked well for holding them upright as they dried.

In other news, I also spent some time organizing my lace scraps.  I saw this idea at the blog French Laundry,  and thought it was a pretty idea. I aged some thick watercolour paper, printed images from the Graphics Fairy, and wrapped my lace  around. It's so fun to open up my drawer and see all the pretty cards of lace.


  1. It looks great! Thanks for the link...


  2. Miniature flowers are a challenge but well worth the effort. Yours finish off the vase beautifully. I use flower oasis to line them up to dry but the glue top is a good idea.
    The lace looks too beautiful to use now!!

  3. Beautiful flowers!
    The vase is gorgeous!

  4. Fantastic flowers and vase!
    Bye Faby

  5. I DO love making miniature flowers, yours are beautiful! The vase is gorgeous! The lace.......don't use it, because it is beauty of themselves ;)!
    Greetings, Ilona