Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Singin' in the Rain

One of the things I'm searching for is a really beautiful umbrella stand for the front hall. I had a commercial brass stand in there for a while, just to corral the various umbrellas and walking sticks I've acquired over the years. But I took that piece out the last time I rearranged the house, and it bothered me how messy that corner looked with canes just propped against the wall waiting for a holder. So I tried making my own.
 In this photo of the back, you can see how I pieced the two findings together. The little green lines are snippets of wire to strengthen the every spot where the two findings connect.  I made the base from stacked cardboard, and a soft metal wedding ring from the dollar store for the rim.  The top loop is made from a second ring. I used super glue to hold everything together, and painted it all to look like tarnished brass.
It's a little short, but not too bad considering it was made out of just what I had on hand. I'm still planning to look for one that wasn't put together with superglue, but this will work until I find the perfect umbrella stand!


  1. I love how delicate it looks, like fretwork.
    Well done, I dont think my hands would be steady enough to add the supports on the back LOL

  2. Es un trabajo precioso¡¡
    A mi si me gusta el resultado, mucho.
    Un beso


  3. It's original and delicate.
    Bye Faby

  4. Well done - don't we surprise ourselves with the little things? You may find now that you never change it for a shop bought one. It's perfect for the job.

  5. This is what makes miniatures so much fun ... working with found objects. Great job!