Monday, May 7, 2012

Changes in Lottie's Bedroom

Back when I first started this blog, I showed a few photographs of this bedroom. Last weekend, I made a few changes. I cleaned up the room a bit, added a rug, and moved a few things around. I'm not in love yet, but the room is getting better.  The carpet was bought for Mom's dollhouse, but she recently replaced it with a few smaller, darker rugs that looked more authentic for her house.  The desk chair in there now was stolen from my gallery, but it's only temporary.
Below, you can see the room before. I loved the little fireplace, but it aways looked out of scale, rather than just small. The scrap screen in the corner came out as well. 

I moved the tea party to the old fireplace spot. Mom made the tea table from a kit. It still needs a tablecloth. The wooden dishes were passed down from Mom's childhood dollhouse. We think they may have been made by one of her relatives who did a lot of woodcarving, but no one can remember for sure! The paintings are all from Josephine Meyers. 

The big doll in the pink and blue knit outfit, and the smaller doll in blue silk were made by Lucy Coles at least seven or eight years ago. You can find her (brand-new!) blog here. The green doll by the cabinet and the white doll in the small bed (from the first photograph) were also made by Lucy Coles. The rest of the dolls came from various dealers over the years, but I've forgotten just which.
Sorry for the blurry photographs! I took them in a hurry while at home, and didn't get a chance to check that they came out all right before I had to return to school.


  1. What a gorgeous scene! Love every bit of it! The table is so cute! -ara

  2. The "new" room is very nice.
    Bye Faby

  3. I like the renovation you've made in the room and the beautiful rug highlights the atmosphere in the room. Mini hugs, Natalia

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