Friday, March 29, 2013

A Beaded Handbag Ready for Spring!

This is the latest beaded handbag I've made. I was itching to try out the new colors of the Martha Stewart micro beads I bought at Michaels. The only old color I used was the green for the "leaves", since the greens in the new set of beads were all a little on the minty side. I was surprised to see two containers of gold beads in the set. Looking a little closer, one of the gold bead containers was labeled "copper" and was a slightly warmer tone than the other. I used the "copper" beads on this bag but they look more like a rose gold to me.

As I was working on this bag, I noticed that I now have a large enough range of microbeads in shades of blue to try an ombre effect on my next bag. I'll probobly work on that next!

Tutorial instructions for making your own beaded bag can be found here.


  1. It´s pretty and I love the colors.

  2. Another lovely handbag!
    About your new stash picture.... I was wondering what brand are those little metal stamps/findings? I'd like to use them the small ones as stamps/wax seals/leather stampings,... I've looked at stores in my country but they don't have anything similar. I also looked on the internet but didn't find any similar items either. If you could point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it! Thanks!
    Jana aka Illyria

  3. Your little bag is so pretty. I love your chosen colours,.

  4. Hi Eliza, the handbag you made is fantastic. Thanks for linking to the tutorial, it's a very good and usefull one.

  5. Amazing bag. I like the colors.
    Greetings, Faby

  6. looks great! are the beads attached to a bag or is that where the paperclay comes in?