Monday, March 11, 2013

An Impulsive Purchase

While I was on eBay the other night, I found an auction for two unfinished tables, and couldn't resist bidding. One was obviously handmade from scrap wood and minature balusters, but the other looked like a House of Miniatures kit.
When the tables arrived, I realized that the table was much deeper than the typical HoM demi-lune table kit, and I had a little trouble getting the legs to fit. I think the table top must have originally come from a different kit.
 Usually I just freehand my painted furniture, but this time I penciled in guidelines for an urn and scrolls, to keep everything symmetrical. Here it is with the design roughed in with paint.
I used only four colors for this table- cream, green, yellow/khaki, and brown. I finished the table top before assembling the table, then worked on the legs and apron.  I had the hardest time getting the green of this table to photograph correctly. I tried taking "after" shots of this table three seperate times. Every time, the green has photographed completely wrong. The real colors are closer to the in-progress shots above.


  1. Hello Eliza,
    Once again fantastic paint job. Your work is always so lovely and delicate.
    Big hug,

  2. It looks like a great purchase. Very beautiful table, you have done a great job here.

  3. Beautiful table you made.

    Greetings Xandra

  4. Very elegante and delicate. I like your paint job.
    Bye Faby

  5. I love this. In fact I am going to copy it. Based on my latest experience with painting and decorating House of Miniature kits I think I am up to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Me gusta la pintura que le has hecho. Ha quedado muy bien.

  7. Marvelous work! You do wonderful painting in mini! :D

  8. Hi Eliza,

    Beautiful work, the design is so pretty. I hate it when the colours aren't right in photos.

    ML Fi x

  9. Congratulations Eliza
    What a steady hand you have!
    The colours work perfectly and it's the sort of piece that will look good anywhere.

  10. I love your colours and the pattern you have chosen!

  11. you have turned an average table into a beauty, very well done!