Thursday, March 7, 2013

Staying Sane with Open Books

The last time I cleaned my dollhouse, I did some serious thinking about what I could add to make it look more lived in. The three things I came up with were curtains, plants, and books. I've started on the curtains, filled a few vases with plants, and scattered some books about, and I'm definitely noticing the difference.
I always try to make quite a few open books before a miniature show. Customers seem to like them, and I usually find the first couple books fun to make. But since I don't have much patience for making the same items multiple times, I tend to milk the little choices for all that they are worth. When it comes to the open books, that means I'm constanly adding new titles, changing up the color of the covers and using different photos in the photograph album (very top of the first photo), just to keep the process a little more interesting.

A few days ago, I was looking at the price list Mom and I put together to our first miniature fair. I was shocked to see that I only had three different open books listed: a scap book, ledger, and a dress magazine. Since that first show, we've sold at three others, and my open book list has grown from three to fifteen titles, with many other book ideas just waiting for a rainy day.
I guess that helps explain how our price list tripled in length!


  1. Je boeken zijn prachtig en zullen vast goed verkopen op de beurs.

    Groeten Xandra

  2. Your books look great, I like having lots of books in my mini houses and having some open laying around is a must. Your books look great, thanks for sharing.

  3. I like mini books and yours are wonderful.
    Bye Faby

  4. Oh, I really like your books!

  5. Very impressive and very realistic too.