Saturday, March 9, 2013

Antique Enameled Buttons, Part 2

Yesterday afternoon I put together another case of buttons. I managed to fix most of the things which were troubling me with the first two boxes.

 I added a lip to the top of the inner box, and used coffee again to stain the white velvet paper a soft cream. I also made new metal keepers which look just like the full size versions, and are removable from the case. I made them using silver wire wrapped around a pin. The green and white circle on the right is one of the full size (but still tiny!) enamel buttons that started my interest.
I'd used a strip of "leather" for the hinge of my first two boxes, but this time I added a snippet of gold thread to the back. I still have one more trick up my sleeve. After finishing this box, it was bothering me that the buttons were just glued to the velvet. After a bit of experimenting with wire, I made shanks for the buttons. I need to make one last case where both the buttons and keepers will be removable. Removable buttons won't make a big difference to the overall appearance of the case, but I'm having fun making this tiny project as realistic as I can!

P.S. Sorry about the blurry photographs. We only had about three seconds of weak sunlight left when I took these, and I just snapped a few photos without checking my camera!

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