Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Little Life in a Dark Corner

I've had an orange tree in my parlor for years.  Mom made it from twisted wire and laser cut rose leaves, and planted it in one of the wonderful old mossy pots from Clive Brooker. But it took up a lot of space. I was wondering where to put it when I thought of the empty dining room corner. 
The underside of the stairs runs through the dining room, creating a dark, difficult to see corner that nonetheless looked odd when it was empty.  I'd considered putting a tea cart  under the stairs, with a mirror on the opposite wall to show it more clearly. But when I experimented with a mirror, I couldn't get it to show the right spot, so I never bought the tea cart. The orange tree ended up being the perfect thing to bring a little life to the underside of the stairs.


  1. The orange tree is perfect in this place.
    Bye, Faby

  2. It's a very good place for the orange tree!

  3. I like it too! The tree adds color and life and fills up the space without congesting it. A good idea!