Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

This is Mom's latest project. When we were at the Philadelphia show last November, she found another dealer who was selling the sweetest porcelain dolls and knit items. Mom bought both the sweater and small doll (undressed) from the dealer, but hasn't had time to do anything with them until recently.  The dealer's name is escaping me right now, so I'll have to check with Mom. The little girl is made with porcelain pieces from Ellen Scofield.

Mom dressed the little doll in soft shades of purple. I added the rose!
The girl is dressed in one of Mom's favorite floral fabrics. Mom still needs to make the final adjustments to the girl's pose and smooth down the sweater, but I couldn't wait to photograph her! The toy carriage is the same one I made over. You can see I haven't fixed the wheels yet. I'll probably use the "O" rings that Sharon suggested but I haven't gotten to the hardware store yet!


  1. The smallest of the two dolls is sweet and it's so amazing that your mother made such a wee dress for her and it's so perfect. The bigger doll has such a winning expression on her face and I love the casual way in which she was dressed. The two of you are a dream team!

  2. Very nice purchases. The little girl is very cute. The carriage looks great also. IndyPoppy

  3. Hello Eliza,
    Once again, you always put the most beautiful work on your blog. Your mother and you are fantastic artists.
    Just beautiful.
    big hug,

  4. Great teamwork, both dolls look gorgeous.

  5. The little girl is very very nice.
    Gretings, Faby