Monday, April 15, 2013

The Great Switch

Last night Mom was going through her dollhouse, and decided to rearrange some of the furniture. She ended up taking out a few gorgeous pieces that just weren't working in her house. Rather than packing them away, she let me take them for my house.
This plate was one of the things that came out of Mom's cottage. I only had space for one plate left on my kitchen plate rail. Now that it's full, I'll have to go through and rearrange the order a little. I just worked my way around the room as I bought more plates, so some of my favorites ended up in the very back where they can hardly be seen.
The other thing I took was a gate leg table made by Gerald Crawford. Mom had two of these, and kept the one by the fireplace upstairs, but this one was fair game. I rearranged the parlor a little to make room. In the process,  I decided to  take out a few pieces as well.
This big round Escutcheon* table in the photo above has never fit in my parlor. It was an expensive mistake (and a beautiful table), so I kept moving it around trying to make it work, but it never did.  Mom took one look at it and said it would be perfect for a newly-cleared spot in her house, so I was thrilled that it finally found a home! The orange tree and screen also came out. The orange tree was an early project which needs touching up, but I have a few new spots in mind for it after the makeover.
* I'm sure I've seen their website, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know the link?




  1. Hello Eliza,
    You two are jsuch a great team. I think it is great that you swamp instead of p[ut away such gorgeous pieces.
    Big hug,

  2. Nice swap of miniatures :)

    Greetings Xandra

  3. Where is it nice that you can exchange miniature and help each other to get the best decor. It is some fine things you have got from your mother.

  4. Fantastic switch! I like these pieces.
    Bye, Faby

  5. it must be so much fun to swap with Mom, I wish my mom were closer.

  6. Lovely swap with your Mom, Eliza, great! Your Mom's miniatures are gorgeous, like yours!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. What a great idea to swap with your Mum. You will still get the pleasure from them as you can see them in your Mum's house and vice versa.

  8. What lovely plates you have and those little dolls are adorable!

  9. Que intercambio tan bonito!!! todo un placer poder intercambiar con tu mamá!!!

  10. it mst be great to share a hobby - my poor 'extras' just end up in boxes - your sytem makes sure that they are loved! I love the gateleg table, very elegant but understated, it really balances that corner.

    By the way, thanks so much for the link to the square pain on ebay - sadly by the time I had got there, it had been sold! But thank you so much for thinking of me, it was kind,


  11. I love that plate!! It's beautiful!

  12. Hello Eliza! How wonderful that you and your mother share the same passion for this hobby! It is so nice that you can trade pieces and yet keep them in the family. I Know that I have also made some expensive mistakes and then fuss around with them trying in vain to get them to work. They usually end up in boxes or on shelves, never finding a permanent home, so I am happy that you and your mom are team-mates in getting the mistakes and the excesses back into circulation. They finally get to shine, And you can always visit them when you want.