Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Mother's Dollhouse: Wash Day!

I don't think I've ever really shown this view of Mom's house before. These doors are around the right side of her cottage. The door on the left leads into the kitchen. The right hand door leads into a pantry/storage room (originally intended to be the outhouse, but Mom thought a pantry was more interesting!)
Mom has period wash items set up out here. She made the tub and bench herself.
Mom loves David Edwards' miniatures. For a while, a few local dollhouse shops carried some of his work, and Mom bought out all the clothespins they had!

This little nest is tucked above the kitchen door.


  1. I just adore the little nest. Lovely wash items.

  2. I love the nest too and the clothespins are great!

  3. I really like this part of your mother's house. Te little nest is adorable.
    Bye, Faby

  4. What a great view, i like all the details and love that you can just keep looking at houses like this and each time notice something new like the clothespins and a bird's nest.

  5. Oh, what a very beautiful cottage of your Mom! All these gorgeous miniatures she has made and collected. There's so much to see, I love it!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. It's such a beautiful entrance. The little clothespins are so cute. I wonder where I could get some like that. A long time ago, I used to make clothespin dolls and I needed five pins to make one doll. I would be curious to know if I could make them in such a small scale. The little bird nest is such a nice touch! You and your mother are so talented!

  7. Your Mom has a wonderful house.
    I like the nest and the clothespin.
    Have a nice weekend

  8. Your mother has a very pretty cottage, and so romantic. I love it!

  9. El rincón precioso , como toda la casa , feliz domingo:)

  10. What a very pretty scene. I love the brickwork, it has a very homely feel.

  11. Je découvre ton Blog avec un très grand plaisir.
    Cette maison est magnifique. Le travail de la pierre est très réaliste.

  12. Quel magnifique cottage!!! la fabrication est remarquable!

  13. Your mum has a wonderful dollhouse full of treasures! Your pictures are so beautiful, a wonderful exterior and the miniatures so lovely displayed!

  14. Hell oEliza,
    Now THAT is a dollhouse. It is so beautiful and full of charm...and the stonework is incredible.
    Big hug,

  15. Hello Eliza! I think that your mother is very talented to be able to make the wash items and I agree that a pantry is far more interesting than an outhouse! I love the work of David Edwards and at one time I had his tiny sewing spools of thread and now that I think on it, I wonder what has happened to them? hmmm? Nevertheless, I have enjoyed peeking inside the woven basket and seeing all the tiny wooden clothes pegs that your mother has collected. Now if only laundry was as much fun to do as it is to look at in miniature