Friday, April 19, 2013

Lottie's Bedroom Makeover

Lottie's bedroom is one of the rooms I've always struggled with. Since I love miniature dolls, tea sets, paper dolls, etc, I'm constantly having to edit this room. The other problem was that the furniture nearly hid some of my favorite miniatures. Last year, I did some re-arranging and added the carpet which definitely helped, but there were still a lot of awkward areas. This time, I ended up taking out the Bespaq desk, and moved around every piece of furniture except the bed. I think it's the first time those hats have been visible since I put them up seven years ago!
This little chest used to be wedged in the back corner of the room. I like it much better out in front, especially since it allows my silver chocolate pot and Lucy Coles wash set to be seen. It also reminded me that the chocolate pot is on a truly awful metal tray. I don't object to fake silver, but I can't forgive how chunky that tray is! The Monet and Renoir paintings were half scale  paintings done by Josephine Meyer. The two porcelain dolls were made by Lucy Coles.
With the chest in such a visible spot now, I've started wondering what can be done about its finish. I have a love/hate relationship with Bespaq. I bought/was given quite a bit of Bespaq when I first started collecting. When I started collecting artisan made furniture, I noticed that the Bespaq finishes all started to look flat and a bit plastic next to the beautifully polished woodgrains of the hand made pieces.  I'm toying with the idea of painting or faux finishing this chest, since I do really like the scale of it..
The painted doll bed was one of the first "good" miniatures I bought, over a decade ago. It is still one of the most delicately painted pieces in my collection. Considering the way the paper backing on the mattress has yellowed, and that the dealer who sold it to me specialized in estate miniatures, I'm guessing it's a bit older than that.  The signature on the bottom says  S. Hoeltge(?). Does anyone know who that might be?


  1. Es una habitación preciosa y muy especial!!!! Tus muñecas se sentirán muy bien instaladas!!

  2. Hello Elisa,
    The makeover is fantastic. The room is beautiful and I am happy you can see all the great details now. I know what you mean about Bespaq. I only furnish my house with bespaq and JBM furniture, but if ever I purchase artisan furniture I think I would refurnish the entire just kills the illusion.
    Big hug,

  3. Bela reforma! Gostei muito de todos detalhes. =)

  4. The room looks lovely Eliza. I agree with you on the finish of Bespaq. I have often seen a piece I quite liked, but then the finish was holding me back from buying it.

  5. The little doll bed is really sweet. It is probably by Susan Hoeltge whose work was first mentioned in Nutshell News in 1981. She set up a company in 1982. It sounds like she retired in about 2002. Alot of her later work was in smaller scales. A google search shows a number of her pieces for sale on eBay etc. they seem very collectible.

  6. I really like the porcelin dollies. The hats are as cute as the little sleeping owner.
    The bed was a great buy!

  7. I like the makeover. The tiny dolls are amazing.
    Bye, Faby