Sunday, January 27, 2013

Collections in the Kitchen

When my dollhouse was redone, one of the big questions was how the kitchen would be finished. Wallpaper was obviously not right, but most paneling seemed a little odd as well. I finally went with beadboard 3/4 up the wall, with a plate rail to top it off. The big chandelier was made by Mr. K.

The majority of the plates were painted by Christopher Whitford. When Mom and I visited England 8 years ago, I found a shop selling them much cheaper than I could find them in the States, and I went a little wild. Mixed in with the Whitford plates, I have a few really special plates, including three painted by Lucy Coles. The pink one at the far right of the photo above is one of hers!

 I haven't quite filled the plate rack. I still need one more, but becuase it's the last, I've been completely unable to commit. In the mean time, I've propped a little tray painted by Mary Grady O'Brien in the space. The tray was a gift from a very dear miniature friend who passed away last summer.
The white plate to the left of the tray I purchased from Lovely Things. It's not signed, but the porcelain is increadably thin- the plate is translucent! Beyond that, I have one of Jane Grabber's redware pieces. The copper molds are mostly from inexpensive German sets. I really should take them down and polish them, but I'm scared I won't be able to get them back up after!


  1. Dear Eliiza,
    What a nice collection. It's nice presented.
    Greetings Dorien

  2. It's a very beautifull collection and I love so your Quimper set on the first photo.

  3. Hello Eliza,
    The kitchen is really charming and beautiful. I love the plates and the copper is lovely.
    Big hug,