Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Upstairs Room in Mom's Cottage

Mom's dollhouse is a four-room cottage, but I've only ever shown the exterior, kitchen, and one of the upstairs rooms. This is the second upstairs room, which is directly above the kitchen.

The stairs are lined with petite point samplers and watercolor paintings. There's another dummy board (painted by Josephine Meyers?) hiding behind the stair rail. I forgot to get a good photo of it.

Can you tell that Mom loves petite point? 

This little avocado is so tiny! Mom says it reminds her of her grandmother.

Over in the back corner, the fireplace is hidden by drying laundry.  The red socks hanging on wooden stretchers (on the beam above the fireplace) always make Mom smile. There are four more petite point pictures in this corner!

Mom made the bed to fit under the eaves, following instructions from Brian Long. The little doll on the bed is an antique.
This was just the briefest of overviews, but I hope it gave a general sense of the room. Honestly, Mom has so many tiny details in her house, I could probobly photograph it for years without showing it all! For more posts about my mothers house, click here, here, here,and here.


  1. That avocado in the window is just the sort of delicate and unusual touch that makes following your blog so worthwhile. I won't forget that very soon!

    Seeing that "bed under the eaves" reminds me that I must have one somewhere in one of my houses. I think I even have the DHW magazine with the Brian Long article about them.

    Thanks for the room tour.

    clmt's miniature world

  2. Is a friendly place.
    I like the little avocado in the window.
    Bye Faby

  3. WOW!!
    It's so pretty!! I love all the details, and the bed tucked under the roof. What a great room! Every inch is literally used for something.
    thanks for sharing these new pictures.

  4. It really looks lived in with so many little special touches such as the dolls, the laundry drying, the avocado and all the lovely petit point samplers.

  5. The little avocado is a lovely touch.