Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Change of Heart

 This is one of Mom's newest dolls. When Mom first started dressing dolls, one of the things she said over and over was that she wasn't really interested in making pretty girls. Occasionally she'll make a young maid, but her favorite dolls are usually the craggy old women like this maid trying on a hat. 
(I was sure I'd posted this doll before, but I can't find the link now.)

 Though the original idea was to make this girl into a tavern wench, now that she's dressed, she looks more like Cinderella to me. I seriously tried to talk Mom into giving her a glass slipper, pumpkin, and mice!
She's just too sweet to be serving ale!
 It's not very visible in most of the photos, but she is wearing a cap.


  1. What a nice dolls ! They look alive. I love them.
    Great job!
    Greetings Dorien

  2. Hello Eliza,
    I am always blown away by the dolls costumes your mother makes. They are just incredible and so beautiful.
    Big hug,