Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I love decorating for Christmas. I love the anticipation of it- fussing with a red bow here, piling Clementines there (though they're usually half gone an hour later!) So it's no surprise that my dollhouse gets a good dose of Christmas decorations too.
I made a bunch of little mistletoe sprigs this year, and have been having fun finding spots to put them.
They're quite tiny! I added a hook made of thicker wire to the top of each sprig to aid in hanging them. Usually I use sticky wax to hang items, but that can create dirty spots over time. So far the hooks alone seems to be working well
I really like this sprig hung over the door to the music room!

I also decorated a little lycopodium tree. I made the tree a year (two?) ago following Casey's tutorial, but I never posted it because I hadn't decorated it. I figured if I didn't start to decorate it this year, I'd never do it, so I finally bit the bullet. I was running low on appropriate beads for ornaments, so I had to get creative. I added lots of Victorian paper ornaments, and some repainted plastic charms like the snowflake (bottom left of the tree). I wanted a few smaller ornaments, so I dipped glue covered wire in glitter to make some gold icicles. I also dipped a few gluey wires in no-hole beads to make small irregular ornaments. You can just see one at the bottom center of the tree. I think they're rather effective from a distance. I still need to make a topper, and when I can get to the bead store I'll add a few more ornaments, but I'm happy with it for now.
I actually have a much larger tree that usually goes in the parlor, but the bigger size makes it look a little modern. I haven't quite decided whether historical accuracy or holiday spirits should carry the day. I may move this tabletop tree to the music room, and put the larger tree in parlor. Either way, I need to make new fake gifts. These red and gold packages are beautiful, but they're a little too perfect for realism!
 Last of all is this little Christmas candle I made last summer. You won't see this in my dollhouse. I only made one, and it sold to a lovely customer at Philadelphia. I liked so much I couldn't help sharing it here.


  1. I love all your Christmas goodies, but the item that really caught my eye is the wonderful painting in the music room, it is just beautiful.

  2. The bunch of little mistletoe just simply adorable! beautiful done

  3. The mistletoe sprigs are soooo cute. Fabulous touch.

  4. Te ha quedado todo precioso y el ramito de muerdago me encanta.
    Un beso