Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little Things That Sparkle

Ever since we started selling at shows I've been wrestling with the problem of size. I love making tiny things. In fact, in most cases, the smaller an object is, the more fun I have making it. But most of those little things are simply lost on a 6 foot table. So I thought I would put together a few "dressed" pieces of furniture for the next show.
The paint job on this vanity needs to be reworked. There are a few places I'm satisfied with, and a few others that I can't wait to sand down and paint over! What was I thinking with those drawers?  The gloves and pink flower I stole out of my own pink dollhouse. The lace dresser scarf was a scrap of vintage lace which my grandmother gave to me. 
The little leather tray with the elaborate saphire and pearl brooch is one of my favorite pieces on the dressing table. I had planned to add a white silk pad to the tray, but then I found a bit of trim which perfectly matched my favorite silk, and thought it was even better choice.

On the right hand side, I added a number of perfume bottles, a jar of cold cream, and perfume box all from my stash. The figurine was one I've had for a few years, but I repainted her Barbie-pink dress and blonde hair. The little compact I made specifically for this dressing table. It still needs its mirror and powder puff.


  1. I love the littlest things too, they are so evocative. Sometimes I think minis need to be more cluttered to give them more realism.

    I love the shape of the dresser, and the colours to!


  2. So beautiful. I love dressed vanities. More please!

  3. Hello Eliza,
    You did a fantastic job setting up the table. everything looks like it is in just the right spot!
    Very well done!
    Big hug,

  4. Hi, I absolutely adore your table. Especially the statue, mini puff, and the pin is adorable. I just got my page up and running and would love for you to stop by and check it out and join if you'd like. XD Thanks Kris